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Quick VR prototype for a grenade fishing idea - submitting for VR Jam 2022.

- Grenades are grabbable/throwable using the select (grip) button on controllers,
- They can be primed by either pressing the trigger while the grenade is held, or by pulling the pin.
- Left stick for smooth-move (careful, you can fall off the platform!)
- Right stick for snap turning (45 degrees)
- The net can be grabbed/held as well, but doesn't do anything yet.

If you hit the shark swimming around the raft with a primed grenade, it will die (congrats, you done it!).

Future features:
- Grenades thrown into water will explode and toss fish towards the player, who must use the net to catch them.
- Fish to Grenade converter will create more grenades by consuming caught fish
- Grill will be interact-able and player will need to cook fish/eat to sustain themselves
- Platform expansion/upgrades.
- Different forms of explosives!
- SOUND! (sound is important)


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